Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Hidden Shortcuts; Windows Productivity

Anyone who has ever managed a bank can tell you that the speed at which employees can perform everyday tasks is directly correlated to their use of the keyboard for commands. This compared to the tedious search and click that accompanies the use of a mouse. If we all took a closer look at how we use our keyboard, we could all benefit from the same efficiencies. Luckily, one of the most overlooked benefits to a windows operating system is it vast array of shortcut keystrokes. Think about all the time you hunt through the “programs” menu; in Windows 7,  just press the windows logo (WL), and start typing the program you want to open. Press WL, release, and then type “out” for outlook, or “calc” for calculator.  I have compiled a short list of underused shortcuts that will certainly bring a smile to anyone as impatient as me.

Windows Logo (WL)   

WL + D (or WL+M)

WL + L

WL + R   


CTRL +/-

WL + Home

WL + Up/Down



WL + C

WL + Space

Shift + Delete

WL + Shift + Right/Left
Opens the start menu. This is great in Windows 7 and Vista, because your cursor immediately goes to a search box. Type in whatever you want to open.

Minimize all windows and show the desktop

Lock the computer (require password)

Run dialog box

Switches to the last window open. Very useful when navigating between a web page and a word document

Zoom in and out

Clear all windows except the active window

Maximize/Minimize Current window

Undo the last thing you did


Opens the control panel

Make all windows transparent (Windows 7)

Delete file permanently (don’t put in  recycle bin)

Move windows to your other monitor (dual monitors required)

Ted Hughes
Managing Director
OCC Service Incorporated


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